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Though the modern lifestyle is very technologically connected, the true connections – to oneself, to community, to purpose, is often lacking. We get swept up in our busy schedules, in life’s demands, in our ambitions, in the expectations we place upon ourselves. If this rings true…

…the Goddess Experience is for YOU.

The Goddess Experience is your opportunity to celebrate and reclaim the Divine Feminine within you… This year’s gathering is all about Prioritizing Pleasure…something that is often lacking in the modern goddess lifestyle. Fear and guilt leave us playing small… dimming our light so that we aren’t seen… so that those around us are more comfortable. But this disconnects us from our essence, and from our ability to really truly experience pleasure. It’s time to bring back the SPARKLE. This weekend is dedicated entirely to releasing our blocks to pleasure and reconnecting with BLISS.

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Why dedicate an entire weekend to Pleasure?

As a modern goddess it’s easy to get wrapped up trying to have it all – career, partnership, family – that you end up disconnecting from your heart’s desire. It doesn’t happen over night, but slowly you lose touch with pleasure. We’ve created a weekend to help you work through any obstacles to pleasure to reunite with it once more.

Because let’s be honest… you deserve a bit of pleasure in your life. You’ve earned it. And you’re not selfish for saying so. You show up for your loved ones every day, but in order to do so, you need to tend to your own self-care… and that’s what this weekend is about. YOU goddess, are WORTHY of pleasure.

Watch the replay of our Pleasure Scope here.


The Pleasure Predicament

I’d love for you to close your eyes and take a moment to think about the last time you really stopped to revel in something pleasurable. Maybe it was a bit of an extra long shower because the water felt so good on your skin… or you really savoured your morning latte… Now, when was the last time you spent several days basking in pleasure?

My guess is, it’s been awhile.

There are a million excuses we can make.

  • Life is busy.
  • I can’t be away from my family.
  • I have zero time.

Sound familiar? But at the core of these, there’s something bigger. Because ultimately, we find the time and resources to do the things we really want and need. Whether it’s guilt for indulging in something entirely for YOU, fear of judgment by others, or maybe embarrassment that you’ve lost touch with pleasure, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone and you can reconnect with pleasure at any time. So are you ready? Because this is your invitation to make pleasure a priority.

The Pleasure Principle

The search for pleasure is inherently tied to the search for Self… because when we stop enjoying the little things, we begin to disconnect from ourselves and we forget the person who experienced delight with the world. In this weekend, we’re going to indulge in pleasure in its many facets. By re-acquainting yourself with pleasure over the course of the weekend, you’re able to bring this re-ignited spark into your every day life. This has a ripple effect on your energy levels, your creativity, your connection with others, your connection to Self (and yes – even in that way!), and frankly – how you even see the world. Everything seems more possible, shines brighter, has more sparkle when you’re dialed into pleasure.

Here are the workshops we’ll be hosting (click each one for a description):

Release, Retrieve & Receive A Journey Through the Senses Primary Foods – Beyond Nutrition
BodySex: Be Your Own (S)expert Style! Kundalini Yoga Chocolate Love Affair – A Mindful Meditation
A Meditation for the Divine Feminine Naughty Love Letters for Pleasure Seekers Super Jewels Unite

How do these workshops tie into each other? (Aka: What does MEDITATION have to do with the NAUGHTY stuff?)

We’ve crafted a schedule that’s equal parts spiritual and sinful. (Though to be honest, even calling it sinful feels wrong because you’re gonna feel DECADENT and there’s nothing wrong with that.) Moving barriers to pleasure is big work, and we use spiritual elements like yoga, ceremony and meditation* to move that energy to free us from the heavy anchors that held us back from pleasure. We then connect with both the pleasure within ourselves, and in our aspirations or imaginations with workshops like writing love letters or talking about sex. We’ll have giddy conversations that you may have been too shy to have with your girlfriends in your “regular” life. We’re setting an almost-anything-goes stage for you to express the things you hunger for… your cravings, big and small. This is more than girl-talk, it’s sisterhood. 

*Don’t forget… one of the meditations is literally an hour of eating chocolate. Mindfully, sure, but eating chocolate none the less. If that’s not decadence, I don’t know what is! 😉

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Meet Our Presenters

Donna BarkerDonna Barker is an award-winning author who derives great pleasure transforming her life experiences into fictional scenes for her quirky women’s fiction and rebel romance stories. (This, of course, gives her husband horrible heartburn!) At 50-years old, Donna finally figured out how to marry her career life as a curriculum developer to her creative writing passion and launched Mavens Writer’s Workshops, a service that helps women push through blocks to write the stories that are in their hearts. (Or in the Goddess Experience case, their loins!)spacer

presenter-deannaDeanna Deacon is a Holistic Health Coach based in 100 Mile House, BC. She has had the privilege of working with fabulous women all the way from Wales to New Zealand to South Africa. Deanna is on a vital mission to transform the world, one woman at a time, into a place of self-love, self-healing and peaceful strength. As a Holistic Health Coach and founder of Vitality Pure, her mission is to spread the healing love and create space for her clients to experience the absolute joy of living with whole body nourishment. With a focus on internal alignment, Deanna’s clients are able to shift their mindset and begin nourishing their bodies and souls on a truly deep level.


Juliana MorrisDr. Juliana Morris is a licensed marriage and family therapist and professional counselor. Through over 10 years of research, Juliana’s work culminated in a Be Your Own (S)expert.  She’s developed an e-course helping women find empowerment through owning and defining sexuality on her own terms. Juliana trained with the famed Betty Dodson and partner Carlin Ross and is adding her own flavor to the popular BodySex workshops. She also founded The Super Jewel Project which highlights women who are living life on their own terms and with an extraordinary attitude.  She lives in the States with her husband, three teenage boys and toddler daughter.


Juliette WoodsJuliette Woods is a bean feasa and shamanic practitioner living in Squamish BC. She works with both the medicines of the beautiful land she lives on as well as those of her Scottish and Irish ancestors. People come to Juliette for personal healing work, to attend ceremonies, and to establish a shamanic way of living. Shamanism is a medicinal way of working with the spirit realm to bring balance and right relationship within people, communities, buildings, the land, and animals. A generalization is everything has a spirit, this spirit can be communicated with, and healing involves the removal of energy that doesn’t belong while returning what does.

Kara SchwandtKara Schwandt is a yoga teacher and creator of the Lotus Wrap. Kara began her meditation practice in Merritt, BC during a 10 day silent meditation course in 2010. She then went on to explore Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and completed her 200 hour yoga training in 2012. Although Kara teaches yoga and meditation she believes there are many roads to wellness and that we make our best contribution by healing ourselves first. ~ Begin Within ~



Seryna MyersSeryna Myers  is a self-care mentor and Global Ambassador for the Body Image Movement who helps big-hearted women direct some of their loving attention INWARD. Seryna is a formerly burned-out business babe who helps women recover from their addiction to busy-ness by empowering them with easy self-care rituals they can use in their daily lives. She is the creatress of The Goddess Experience and splits her love and affection between essential oils and loose leaf teas equally.


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About The Goddess Experience Retreat

Be fun, fearless and full of joy…

This one weekend is built around inspiring you to express your inner Goddess and allow her to shine. There will be workshops to attend, time to decompress and process, time to connect with your peers (aka fellow goddesses) and a safe, sacred space to delve deep into life changing inner work.

The retreat centre is nestled away in the woods, wrapped in nature. It sits along the Chehalis river and has incredible paths for walking or running, or gentle hiking. Your admission includes not only a series of heart-centred workshops, crafted with love, but also all meals with refreshments, shared accommodations in dorm-style rooms (great to share with girlfriends!) and access to the Goddess Marketplace filled with hand-picked vendors who provide products or services to help you enhance the experience, bringing it back with you to the city. Your weekend will end with a gift bag of goodies, arming you with all you need to take on life’s challenges and continue the goddess experience every day.

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Don’t take our word for it… Here’s what our past participants have had to say:

Everyone arrived strangers and all were lovingly greeted, made to feel at home and accepted just as they are! No need to change or mask yourself. This is what made the weekend so amazing! Love and acceptance!

A great weekend offering everything needed to search within, rest, explore, find a deeper love for myself. While connecting with a unique sisterhood of like minded Goddesses. I left with my heart full and dancing to the beat of my own drum.

I loved the weekend retreat!..I just wish it was another day longer..we really seemed to become one on Sunday! Looking forward to the next one!

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Straight Talk:

If you’ve got the whole work/life balance thing sorted out, if you’ve already created a life with loads of downtime for pleasure and you have a network of kindred souls who support you on your path… this may not be the retreat for you.* However if you feel a call inside that something is missing… if you feel like you need to release and recharge… if you’ve been disconnected from enjoying the little minutes and you’re ready to reclaim pleasure in your life – then you need to join us. We’re going to spend the entire weekend fanning that little spark inside you until it bursts into a flame. You’ll leave with inspiration and strategies to infuse pleasure into even the most mundane of tasks in your every day life. And we can’t wait to share it all with you!

*Oh, who are we kidding! Even the Zen-est of Goddesses deserves a weekend away to bask in pleasure. Instead of it being about reconnecting with bliss, you’ll just be experiencing it… and there’s definitely value in that!



Love & Gratitude to our Sponsors

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