Women, Pleasure & CHOCOLATE

Chocolate Meditation? Umm, yes please! I want to take a minute to talk about the chocolate meditation I’m facilitating at The Goddess Experience retreat. (Mmm chocolate) When I was looking at the presenter submissions, I saw that no one chose to do anything about food. But there is PLEASURE in eating… especially good, quality, chocolate……

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The Nasty Little Shadow-Self

Overall, I’d consider myself a pretty happy person. I have low moments where I struggle with motivation… I still have the occasional moment of anxiety (which is thankfully no longer a daily, overwhelming occurrence)… I get mad when people are jerks/unfair to others/embodying entitlement or victimhood… But generally, I’d say I’m a positive, happy person….

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Leaping into the BIG Unknown…

Change is TOUGH. Change based on faith alone can be even tougher. Leaping into the big unknown can be anything from quitting a job, ending a relationship, moving towns. It’s a time of transition… sometimes a time of limbo… and it can be daunting when you don’t know what’s coming next. But it’s necessary. The…

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