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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this [The Goddess Experience retreat] together, because of your vision, I felt so much love and connection during the time we were together, and even afterwards!

I am blessed to know you and the group of women that attended the retreat.

Sending you so much love – thank you for being you!

Real Life Pampered Goddess, Tyra
Vancouver, BC


Hi Seryna – I wanted to give you some quick feedback on your bathsalts. They are WONDERFUL!!

Yesterday, when I met with you, was the first day I’d had ‘off’ in almost two straight weeks (including the weekends). No, I was not proud of the circles under my eyes or uncombed hair…haha Anyway, I tried to do some work when I got home until my hubby commanded me to turn off the computer and take a nap. I had a looooong soak beforehand with your bathsalts. I could literally feel energetic debris being scrubbed from my field. The smell (Peaceful Mind) – heavenly. The rose petals made me feel like I was indulging myself.

The energetic infusion (gemstones and aromatherapy) was quite strong. Before falling asleep, I had quite a bit of download as I was so clear.

Oh – my little daughters found the salts later and each had to have their own mini-soak 😉 Thank you for creating these!


Real Life Pampered Goddess Devina
White Rock, BC

I just wanted to share my (somewhat lengthy) review of Seryna’s products, after having been lucky enough to attend the Pampered Goddess party in Ottawa.

These bath salts are amaaaaaazing! The first one I tried was the love from within… I tried it as soon as I got home from the Pampered Goddess party, intending it to be a quick “pop in the bath” and then straight to bed after 20 minutes or so. TWO HOURS LATER, I had to drag myself out of the water. It was like hitting snooze on the alarm button in the morning… I’d think, “I should probably get out and go to bed now…. oh, just ten more minutes!”. Soaking in these salts made me feel really warm and relaxed, moreso than I’ve probably ever felt coming out of a bath, and I take a whole lotta baths!

The next night, I tried the sweetest dreams, and it knocked me out better than the prescription sleeping medication I used to take! I got to my bedroom, still wrapped in a towel, dripping wet, knowing full well that I needed to dry off and put on some pajamas, but my body was just like, NOPE! I ended up going straight to the bed, soaking wet, and passed right out. I would have slept in my towel the whole night through if my husband hadn’t woken me up to help me put my pi’s on!

These are some of the best bath products I’ve ever used, and having worked in a couple different bath and body oriented stores in my time, I’ve tried quite a few. I’ll definitely be ordering the other blends to try out once I’ve used up the ones that I have!

Real Life Pampered Goddess Rebecca
Toronto, ON

I have been using your lotion bar for my hands after work as a cleaner and have to say that it is one of the best I have tried so far. I usually have an issue with lotions being too oily and feeling like I have to wipe some of it off. This product, however, moisturized just enough without leaving behind an oily feeling. My skin is also very sensitive and I break out in hives, but with your lotion bar I know that it is made with all natural ingredients, so I wasn’t afraid to try something new (and boy am I glad I did!). The lotion from Pampered Goddess gave off a nice light scent, and my skin was happy! I will recommend the lotion bars to everyone! Thank you for creating such a wonderful lotion! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Real Life Pampered Goddess Mandy
Surrey, BC

Dearest Seryna,

Thank you very much for providing me with the deliciousness of Pampered Goddess: Pep in Your Step bath salts. Not that the description isn’t awesome, but I never would have tried them because Soothe Your Bones is totally my bath jam. Pep in Your Step is light and citrusy and refreshing.
Step 2 of deliciousness was the Blissful Boudoir exfoliating scrub, and let me tell you the entire world is going to be jealous of the softness that is me.

Thanks again!!!

Real Life Pampered Goddess Kirsty
Maple Ridge, BC

Dear fabulous creatrix of Pampered Goddess,

A week ago I put my back out and have had a rough go of it. I was graciously gifted a package of your Soothe Your Bones energetic bath salts and indulged in them late last night. Oh My! Do they ever smell divine! I really did feel soothed after my soak and was able to head to bed with a great reduction in pain ~ a truly blessed thing! So THANK YOU for expressing your gifts via Pampered Goddess products, I tell you I wont be waiting till my bones need soothing before indulging next time!

Real Life Pampered Goddess Juliette
Squamish, BC

From the first time I tried Pampered Goddess ‘s “Pep in your Step” I fell in love with it! The sweet fruity scent totally rejuvenates your spirit as you luxuriate in your warm bath. I like to close my eyes and drift to a tropical island complete with the citrus scent in the air! Then when I come back to reality, I have the energy complimented by the strength of mind that I need to go on with the remainder of my daily tasks! Always thought that it was best for a late afternoon bath.

Real Life Pampered Goddess Francine
Surrey, BC

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