Women, Pleasure & CHOCOLATE

Chocolate Meditation? Umm, yes please!

I want to take a minute to talk about the chocolate meditation I’m facilitating at The Goddess Experience retreat. (Mmm chocolate) When I was looking at the presenter submissions, I saw that no one chose to do anything about food. But there is PLEASURE in eating… especially good, quality, chocolate… Enter GLOW Goodies & Raw Chocolates à la Sugar Free

Credit: Julie Beyer

Credit: Julie Beyer

My sweet friend Julie makes these INCREDIBLE chocolates that strip away any of the guilt or hang ups people have told me they have with desserts. They’re dairy-free, sugar-free and often times packed with SUPER goodness (things like maca, matcha and more!). A friend of mine actually used Julie’s chocolates as a way to kick her sugar addiction, because they were still sweet and decadent enough that she didn’t feel like she was depriving herself. And THAT dear friends, is how it should be.

Indulgence shouldn’t have an emotional price tag. Treating ourselves (especially with things that are ACTUAL treats, like high quality chocolate) is not something to judge or feel guilty about, or critique. You, sweet one, are entitled to love what you eat.

Guilt robs you of the decadent experience of chocolate. – Seryna Myers

Because here’s the thing… when you come from this place of guilt, or feeling like you’re depriving yourself, etc… it robs you of the decadent experience you’re engaging in. Emotions cloud you from being able to truly experience connection to your food and the pleasure gets stripped away.

“Chocolate Love Affair – A Mindful Meditation” is an opportunity to connect with, savour, and mindfully experience chocolate. Its flavours. Its textures. Its decadence. It’s a reminder that you deserve all of it. And you deserve to love your food.

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