Your wings are calling. Are you ready?

Have you given much thought to the transformation a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly?
Now, I’m not a biologist, but from what I understand, when they’re inside their chrysalis, they turn to total mush… like, completely dissolve, and then the goo begins to develop mass and changes into a butterfly.

Do you see that within your own life?

When I had mybreakdown in early 2014, I felt like this shell of my former self. I didn’t realize that I was in my cflighthrysalis, as goop, and that I was forming new mass, coming back as my stronger, brighter self. And now, I get to share that self with the world… in my immediate circles, in social
media, in my businesses. And the light I’m shining feels a bit brighter than it did before.

It can be tough to know when you’re ready… I think a lot of times we get stuck in the “I should be X by now” either a comparison to our peers, our family members, or our former selves. I think it’s one of those things that you’ll just know when you know. And when you’re ready, it will be easy, it will feel effortless, you’ll just start shining your light as though it’s your second nature (because it is), and you probably won’t realize it until after the fact. This isn’t a process you can rush… you want things to shape and evolve naturally, and you are on no one’s clock but your own. (And even though it’s your clock, Divine timing is a thing, so you don’t get to set the schedule.) Transformation will come when you’re ready, and then you’ll break free of anything that was holding you back.

If you’re in the muck of it, and you’re feeling like you aren’t yourself yet… maybe you’re in YOUR chrysalis… maybe you need to just breathe, and love yourself, and trust that your goo is forming into a new, beautiful mass.

And when it does… you’ll have your wings… and you will fly.

what if you fly - hanson