Let’s talk {CONNECTION}

Last month, at our local goddess circle, we explore the theme of connection… but what I’ve been noticing is that this theme is playing out for me right now in so many facets of my life. I’m developing and participating in communities (our monthly circle, our new Facebook group: The Self Care Revolution, a mastermind group, ┬áreconnecting with friends, and so on…), I’m meditating MUCH more (connection to self + spirit), and I’m taking so much time to reflect, examine and soul search… definite connection to self.

The most obvious though, is our November retreat’s workshops. It’s funny how you go along, putting together and event full of heart-centred workshops that you know will nourish women and help them care for themselves… but you miss the glaringly obvious: a beautiful common thread that weaves between each of them. Seriously, check this out:

  • Our nutrition talk – connection to body
  • Inner child play date – connection to the child within
  • Kundalini workshops – connection to our lower chakras to nurture and heal
  • Journeying – connection to Spirit and our higher self…

The list goes on and on! We’ll be building prayer bundles (by connecting to Self, Spirit and intuition) that will keep us connected to the experience of the retreat when we’re back in our daily lives.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

I made a quick video about the role connection will play at the retreat. Check it out: