The healing power of intention

Far too often we feel powerless. We believe that our lives happen to us, things happen because of others, and many times we aren’t accepting responsibility for the events that unfold for us, good or bad. I realize this is a pretty brash way to start what is typically a lovey dovey blog… I just want you to know it’s not all doom and gloom – there is a way you can reclaim your power. Rather than feeling like a tiny ant with life being the giant boot hanging overhead, here are some ways to use intention to reclaim your power.


In our newsletters we always start with a monthly mantra. This sets the tone for the email, but also gives our readers something they can use either as a daily affirmation, or during meditation or prayer as a mantra. Affirmations are great because they are declarations to the universe where you are setting expectations clearly about what you want or how you want to feel. Mantras are powerful because they are used at times when we are increasing the frequency of our energy fields (i.e.: meditation and prayer), which amplifies the message…. like a VIP, hand delivered note to the powers that be.


I’ve written about these before… Gem elixirs are bottled crystal essences that come in liquid form. You can put a couple of drops under your tongue, apply them to your skin, add them to a bath, sip them in water… the options are endless. I first learned about them from Juliette at Three Fold Balance, who makes two kinds: one that is a straight crystal elixir (i.e.: black tourmaline) and one that has an intention and carries an environmental component like a solstice, eclipse, etc. I currently love her Intention TLC one which basically supercharges things I’m already working on manifesting, again, raising my vibration, sending a clear message to the Divine. Our elixirs are based on our Goddess profiles. So, for instance, Sweetest Dreams is made with energy from Sodalite, Amethyst and Labradorite and it’s created with the intention to support you to sleep well. (Btw, our elixirs are on sale until the end of April!)

gem elixirs


We are visual creatures, so having a big poster board reminder, something we can look at regularly and reflect upon is a wonderful way of setting intention. Plus, while they are easy enough to make, the time and effort that goes into finding the words and images that you use to build your vision is setting an intention itself. I started off 2015 by making a vision board which currently resides on the side of my fridge, where I pass it several times a day.


I guess my point is, don’t wait for something to happen TO you… grab life by the you-know-whats and make it happen. You can journal, use crystal grids, pray, make an altar, meditate… the list goes on and on. What I’m trying to say is, you are not powerless – you are powerFUL. I believe in you… so get out there and do it!

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PS: Tomorrow (April 15th) is the last day to register for The Goddess Experience┬áMay 29-31 in Agassiz.┬áMost of the workshops at our retreat will support working with intentions… The Fire Ceremony will help release anything holding you back, the Medtation will raise your vibrational frequency, the Goal Setting workshop will help with manifesting your dreams and making them a reality, and the Self-Love workshop will leave you gushing with adoration for the wonderfulness that is you.